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Litter Age is not changing on home screen

I have a litter born on 10/21/2016. It displays the date when I select that litter. However, when looking at the litter summary page, the age field is stuck at 2 days and hasn't changed. Thanks for the assistance!


  • edited November 2016
    Is this the Litter list page? Can you refresh that page and see if it updates? Are other litters displaying correctly?

    If it doesn't update, email us ( with your Hutch email and let us know the litter number, so we can look at the record and see why it is not displaying correctly.
  • Yes, thisis on the litte page. Page was refreshed and it did not update. Other litters do show up correctly. I believe the reason is that the butchered date field has a value in it. I must have accidentally filled the field at some point. The problem is I cannot keep it cleared. Even if I clear the value and click save, the old value comes back.
  • ok, email me the litter number and I will change it back for you.
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