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What to do when something doesn't work

edited April 2016 in Bug Reports
If you encounter an issue with the program, we are happy to find it.  But to be able to invesitgate it and fix it, we have to be able to recreate the issue.

So, to help us, before reporting a bug, follow these steps:
  1. Click on "Hutch" at the top of the screen.  This reloads the system.
  2. Clear your cache.  On mobiles, this is usually via settings for your browser.
  3. Reload the page.
Once you have done that, try and recreate your steps to see if the bug reappears.  If it does, run to this forum and submit a bug report.

Start your bug report with your device and browser.  Then, explain the steps you took to create the issue.  If you have screenshots, even better!

We welcome all bug reports, and we are striving to fix problems, but sometimes, a refresh or cache clearing will fix the issue on it's own. So, start there, make sure it is a bug, and then let us know about it!

If you submit a bug report, come back and check your thread and see if we found a solution or need more information. If it works, let us know, so that we can close that bug.

Thanks to all of our Beta testers that have shared issues so far!
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