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schedule doesn't match the settings

In the schedule settings I included 4 weights and a butcher, when I go in the schedule there is one weight missing and the others are not at the right time. It's like it got stuck with the default settings, but I'm sure my new settings were registered when I added this breeding.


  • Let me look at this for you. Can you email us your password?
  • Are you sure the new chain was set before you created the plan?
  • Yes the settings were changed before I created the plan.
  • When we recreate this on a test account, everything seems to work fine, so I think maybe the breed was created before the breed chain was edited. You could try creating a test breed and reporting it and see if it works, if not, we can investigate further, but from our end, it appears to be working correctly.
  • ok, i'll look it up.
  • ok, test it out, and let us know how it goes.
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