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Added task in settings and it appears for ever in the schedule

I added a task in the setting to put a nest in the cage at 26 days and now it's appearing repeatedly in my task bar!! (task is named "nids", which is nest in french)


  • Ok, we will look into it immediately. It sounds like it added those in as recurring events.

    You can try clicking on the first one on the task list and change it to "once" if it recurs.
  • It seems like they are not recurring, but showing up multiple times, because there are several breed plans.

  • That's strange... I schedule breeding in advance, so I have a reminder to when I need to breed the rabbits. They wouldn't cooperate, so I had to delete some scheduled breeding and every task that came with it.  guess they were not completely deleted? How can you cancel a breeding and all tasks linked to it?

  • Go to Schedule >> Plans to delete the whole plan. It will delete all the tasks when you delete the plan.
  • I did that and still have an extra task linked to that Tricolor plan. The rest is ok now.
  • ok, just delete the extra single task, and let us know if it happens again.
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