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Printable Task Lists

I am just staring to play with Hutch to see how different I will need to change my management system.  I am having trouble finding out how to print a task list that I can take into the rabbitry.  My workers do not all speak or read english and are not computer literate.'Ideally I would like to print lists on monday for the week.  Each task type on its own list. For example
one sheet for all the does by cage # who are due to kindle this week with a place to write in # babies born & number babies live and date. Another list of all the cages with litters that need the nest box cleaned; list of all the litters by cage number that need the nest box taken out; List of All the fryer litters ready to slaughter by age and cage number.
I hope this makes sense.  I have 1300 rabbits at the moment and have had as many as 10,000.  So far this program seems more oriented towards smaller rabbitries.
Thank you
Myriam Kaplan-Pasternak DVM


  • We don't currently offer a printable task list like you describe, however, with the weekly digest feature, you can have a list emailed to you every week of upcoming tasks.
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