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Weights not saving

I just entered weights for 2 litters on a laptop in the barn. The process was initiated by clicking the Weigh button on the Litters page. I looked at the litters later in the house on another laptop and there was no data showing up that I had entered in earlier. I then went back to the first laptop in the barn and the weights are missing. 


  • Can you email us the litter numbers so we can look at it? I just tried to recreate this, and had no problem saving.

    Try reloading the system, clicking on the Hutch logo at the top, and see if the weights are there. If not, email us the litter numbers, and we will see if they are in the database.
  • The litter numbers are 161001 and 161002. Thanks!
  • The weights are not in the system. I'm not sure what happened. Reload the system and then try entering the weights again.
  • I'm not sure if I'm running into the same issue but I just went to look at my butcher weight averages after dispatching the other night and I know the data was there for earlier litters a few months ago but now only my very first litter has data. Is it hiding somewhere else? I use this app exclusively to track this info so I no longer have it to add it back in again. :(

    Not showing in the screenshot is litter 004.
  • We'll take a look at that and see what the issue is.
  • We fixed this issue
  • Yay! Thank you!
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