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Recording a birth

I am having trouble recording a birth. Doe is SR05 bred to Buck 9 on Oct 16th,2016. Six kit were kindled on Nov 17th. 1 died Nov 21st. Please assist.


  • What seems to be the problem? What happens when you click the Report a Birth button?
  • Looking at the database, I don't see a breed plan for SR05 bred to Buck 9. There is one on 10-16 for SR05 bred to SR A.  If that plan is incorrect, then you will need to edit the  plan.

    To do that, go to Schedule >> Plans. Edit the plan from that list, and change the the information you need, like the Buck.

    Then, once changed, go report the birth.
  • SR A and Buck 9 are the same, I changed my naming convention. However I am still not seeing either listed. I went to Schedule >>Plans and it isn't there. Neither is it showing up under Record a birth. Can you add it for me please.
  • It's strange that it is not displaying. We are looking into it.
  • edited November 2016
    Did you change the parents of this plan after creating the plan? If so, go ahead and recreate the plan with the new parents, enter the date they were bred, and then it should show up for reporting the birth.
  • Ok, we've fixed this so that you can edit it. Somehow it didn't record the doe correctly on the record of the plan, that's why it was not showing on the lists.

    So, first, go to Schedule > Plans, and find the plan on the list. Edit it by selecting the correct doe/buck.

    Then, go report the birth, and it should show correctly on that form.
  • I recreated the plan and it showed up, so I got to record the birth. Thanks for the assist
  • Sean said:
    I recreated the plan and it showed up, so I got to record the birth. Thanks for the assist
    ok, good.
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