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Database Temporarily Unavailable Message

I'm new to Hutch, and have been reading the forum here a lot (mainly to get a better idea of what other's experiences have been).

I came across a post where a user had entered data, and it seemed to disappear. Hutch's response was that perhaps you were making system changes while the data was being entered.

As a suggestion, if I were the developer and administrator, I would make the database unavailable while upgrades/changes are performed.

For example, set Saturday at 10:00pm as a standard update time. Anyone who tries to access the database during the upgrade gets a window stating the database is unavailable. The time is published in the terms and conditions so everyone knows in advance. Once the updates have been applied, everything goes back to normal.


  • That's a great idea.  We tend to push major updates, and especially database updates (which are rare) during off times, now, to avoid any issues.

    Most often, the person just needs to refresh their page/browser, and the new information will be seen (if there is a mix up with updates). The information is not actually lost, but can be hidden and appears after the browser refresh.

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