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Litter Profile

So I have a recent litter born and I entered in the kits, ID, and color. Although I mistakenly put an incorrect color on one of them. I entered Black Otter when I intended just plain Black. Well I am trying to change it but it keeps auto-entering Black Otter. How do I fix this?


  • just type Black, don't click on the Black Otter when it auto finishes.
  • I'm not clicking on Black Otter, just typing Black and it auto populates in the field and when I move from the color it just adds the Black Otter.
  • Sometimes when it auto-populates, I tap/click outside of the feld, like somewhere else in the page so that it closes the field with what I type. Hitting the tab/next button can sometimes make it select the auto-fill.

    If you can't get it to work, send me an message or email ( with your email, litter number, and kit, and I can change it for you.
  • I actually was able to do it on mobile. Thank you though!
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