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Weights are not saving

I'm on an iPhone.


  • Can you walk us through what you did?  Are you weighing a litter?
  • Ty refreshing the system and trying again, I just tested this on my iphone, and weights seem to be working fine, maybe your system didn't load correctly the first time.
  • Maybe I don't know where to look. I enter the weight under litter and click save but when I go back to the litter it still has the old weight. 
  • I see now that it saves it if I click on each kit under litters, but not if I click weigh and all kits come up at once. 
  • Thanks for the awesome support btw. I love this app. 
  • Ok, when you click weigh, and all the kits come up you have to enter their weights and click save. Were you able to do that?

    Did you try refreshing?
  • Yes. I save each of them and then close. But the weights don't update.  I did refresh. 
  • Are you entering just numbers into those slots?
  • Glad I found this I just had the same problem today. When entering weights from the dashboard with the weigh button. I entered all weights clicked save on each one and when I was done clicked done but the new weights are not showing up on the litters page.
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    OK I figured it out when I was done I clicked close instead of save changes this time I hit save changes and it worked flawlessly.
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