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Hi there! One thing that I am noticing on the pedigrees is that each field is not identified on the pedigree. For example the pedigree says:

American Chinchilla

Can we please add the following:

Color: Chinchilla
Breed: American Chinchilla
Weight: 9lbs. 9oz.

Reason being is it looks more professional and legit. If we are just slapping names and numbers in a box, I can do that in MS Excel. Plus the weight field - 9.9 what is that suppose to mean? Kgs? Lbs? Something else unrelated to weight? DOB is identified on the pedigree, why is nothing else? Another helpful field would be to add 'Genotype' for those of us who are breeding for specific genes and take care to record that information.

Thank you for your consideration!


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    The weight should have the units, so that's a bug. Let me see why your weight is not displaying the units.

    We can add labels for the other things easy enough. One of the reasons we haven't labeled every field is that we are very limited on space to make the pedigrees fit on one page. We'll play with it and see how we can make everything fit.

  • Okay, thank you very much! I know space is limited and it may require some handy work to get it to fit. I have some pedigrees from Evans for my rabbits and they include all of the info with labels. Not sure if they just use smaller print or what the deal is. If you's like and you need an example, I can email one if you wanted. Just let me know!
  • Ok, looking at the pedigrees, it does seem to show labels on the main rabbit, as well as the lbs/oz labels on weights.  Can you email us the pedigree (regenerate it to make sure it is the most recent version) to

    We will see about adding the labels to the other generations.
  • I sent the pedigree! I also had a side question that I think I will ask here as I don't check my email that often.

    But... I like to document any rabbit that gets ill or is treated for something. Is there any place that I just haven't found yet that I can enter that information other than 'notes' where it is visible on the pedigree?
  • Right now, notes is the only place we have to record that information, though we are adding a medical tracker in a future version.
  • One quick question, what units do you have selected under settings?
  • For the weights, I see 2 rabbits on the pedigree you sent that are missing the weight labels. Can you try re-entering the weights for those 2 rabbits and see if it saves/displays correctly?
  • Which rabbits are you looking at? I count 9 in the pedigree that don't have a weight label. There are ones that I don't have weight on - including mine but that will change in the near future...

    I looked in setting and nothing was selected for weight, so I updated that to pounds/ounces. That seems to be the problem I had for the weight label and it looks good now =)
  • ok, great, glad we figured that out! We'll have the labels in there soon.
  • We added the labels to the pdf pedigree
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