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Importing pedigrees from other software such as Evans Rabbit Register

I often purchase breeders from others who are using Evans Software.  They email me a pedigree in an HTML file and also in a PDF file.  Is it possible to import this directly into Hutch without having to rekey this information?


  • edited September 2016
    Currently we don't have that capability, but if you email us those files (, we could figure out a way to import them or build a function for importing them.
  • Will do.... thanks!

  • We have received some of the pedigrees from Evans and are looking to build a tool for importing them, soon.
  • Any news on this function yet?  It would save a ton of time and potentially attact new customers to hutch as almost every rabbit I acquire from someone else in on the Rabbit Register program and I have a hard time getting anyone to switch because they don't want to reenter all of their pedigrees.  Yet they like the attractiveness of having Hutch online vs installed as software on their hard drive.

  • We are currently working on this function, and we would like to have it ready soon. I'll let you know when it's launched.
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