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Fostering Kits

I am new to Hutch, don't know if this was discussed before. There should be a feature to include the movement of fostered kits.
Also, if the pregnancy check is negative how do you remove the other tasks connected to that breeding, like kindle date etc.
Tried clicking the little delete symbol next to the entry but nothing happens.


  • Fostering/moving kits is a good idea, we will discuss how to add that.

    For marking as a missed pregnancy, click on the "Record Birth" button, and then select the plan (buck+doe breed plan) and click the missed button:

    Clicking the missed button will delete all the tasks associated with that plan.

    You can also go to the Schedule, then select Plans, and delete the plan from that list. That will also delete all the tasks in that plan.
  • Thank you. Look forward to the fostering feature
  • I am a new user and understand how to use the missed button. How does Hutch track the missed pregnancies? 
  • we are adding reports for tracking the missed pregnancies, right now, there isn't anything.
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