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Breeder from kits issue

Using Firefox browser. I accidentally identified a kit as a breeder and there seems to be no way of undoing it, this is not useful.
And more importantly, when tagging a kit as breeder it doesn't show in my breeder list even after refreshing the page or logging out and logging in.
Thank you!


  • Can you tell me which litter/kit? Does it still appear in the litter?
  • Refresh and check now, we found an error and fixed it, I think the kits should be back in the litter, now.
  • yes, they are, but what should we do when there's a mistake in changing a kit to breeder or just a change of mind? is there any way to undo it? For example, in litter03 all females were chestnut except for one chinchilla. I kept the biggest chestnut for breeding, so just looked at the weight and assigned the bigger female as breeder. But it was the chinchilla that was the biggest!! So how do I undo this? it's not the chinchilla I want for breeder, it's the chestnut!

    And the kits being back in the litter in litter 02 brings another problem. This litter was butchered. So the 2 "breeder" kits that are no longer breeders can't be butchered or tagged as breeder (one of them really is kept as a breeder).
  • ok, the kit from the litter03 has now appeared as a breeder, I just need to butcher the other kit!
  • We will add a way to undo a kit to breeder.

    Do you need us to mark the other kits, or can you do that?

    Even if a litter is marked butchered, you can still mark the kits as breeders.
  • I will mark the other kit as breeder, you only need to undo the one ID 226101.

    How can I mark butchered the kit that's left from litter 02? I marked one as breeder, but the other one needs to be marked as butchered.
  • go into that litter, and click the butcher button, and you should be able to select the kit that is not butchered from the list.
  • I don't have access to that litter anymore in the litter window as it has been butchered. I can only access by going through the mother's profile, but then don't get the option to butcher the kits...
  • Under litters, select Butchered to see butchered litters.

  • How do you want us to mark 226101?
  • Just regular kit, not breeder. Thanks!
  • ok, we marked it as a regular kit
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