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Breed & Acquired Field on kits' pedigrees

I am using Google Chrome on Windows 7 Professional.

I have followed the following steps:
  1. Clicked on "Hutch" at the top of the screen to reload the system.
  2. Cleared my cache.
  3. Reloaded the page.
To recreate my problem:
  1. Click on litters > All > Select a litter
  2. Click on a kit's profile.

There is no way to fill in the "breed" and the "acquired" field in a kit's profile:

Therefore, these fields are blank on the pedigrees when we transfer them to their new owners or send them the links:


  • Click on the Kit box on the pedigree to edit those fields. They are not on the kit profile under litters, but on the actual pedigree screen (your second image above).
  • I see. :) Thank you!!
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