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Average size litter per breeder

Let's say you have an experienced buck or doe, and you want to know what their average litter sizes are without having to crunch the numbers yourself, well, hutch could probably do that for you, should this feature be implemented! 

My suggestion is that in the breeders profile the average litter size is listed, along with the percentage of different sized litters. I'm going to write an example so the math is going to be very off, just pulling numbers from the top of my head.

12 litters
Average litter size: 7.3 kits
20% 3 kits (2 litters)
45% 6 kits (4 litters)
35% 9 kits (6 litters)

((Yes this math is very wrong but you get the idea))


  • yes, this is a good idea, and would be a simple report. We will add this.
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