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Sex task in litters

Add a sex task to the litters, just like the butcher or weigh. Mark the date they were sexed and number of male, female, and unknown.  Numbers assigned to whole litter or  gender to individual kits.

8 kits in litter
Sexed at 2 days
6 male
1 female
1 unknown/uncertain 

Or have the sex assigned to each kit using check boxes instead of editing each kits profile.
(Similar to when you butcher them) 
Maybe have 3 check boxes for each kit in the assigning sex list/option. One for male, female  and unknown/uncertain. Only one checkbox  may be selected


  • We have the sex happen during the wean/first weigh function, so that you ID, sex, and input first weights all in one event.
  • Yea.. I feel that it's only useful if the kits are older? And you can tell them all apart? I'd like to weigh and sex my kits at day 1 and keep those records, but if they all look the same I can't assign a weight and sex to each kit. A whole litter of REWs cannot be told apart, and you most certainly don't want to tattoo them at that age, haha
  • Yes, it's only useful when they are older, typically, differences start appearing around weaning age, and that's when most people start tracking weights and things.
  • Oh Alright, I like to sex from day 1, so if there's a kit with a nice pattern I can start thinking if I want it as a breeder or not, because I might know if it's male or female
  • right, I see where that could be useful, we'll figure out how to implement this.
  • I'm really excited about Hutch, it has lots of potential and the fact that you're open tO recommendations and suggestions for improvement is amazing, keep it up
  • we will definitely keep it up, and as long as users keep giving us great feedback on how to make it better, it will continue to improve
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