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Kit age for death in litters and reports

When a kit dies in a litter, it would be nice if a date was assigned to the death, and a reason. 
Then for the reports and even on the doe's profile,  you can check out the reasons and age of kit death quite easily. The cause of death would be the same as list of colours, it's added when you enter it. "???" "Cold" "Starved" "Heat" "Squished" "Coccidiosis"

It could really help keep track of records, and know to look out for certain issues at certain ages, and would help compare how your breeders kits fare in survival. (XYZ does and kin's kits are more susceptible to death caused by heat, while ABC doe's and kin's kits are more likely to get bloat)


  • This is a good idea, we will definitely include it in the future.
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