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Breed a rabbit?

How can I simply breed a rabbit??
I go to make a new litter and kits are required, and planning there is the planned breeding.... I don't understand 
I just need to get the breed date and number of falloffs down


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    If you click the big blue button on the dashboard "Breed", it will record a breeding, set the date, the buck, and the doe.

    It looks like this:

    The system will then generate tasks according to the breed chain in your settings, like when the doe is due to be palpated, when she is due for kindle, etc.
  • Alright, it does not list my doe as pregnant then. That needs to be changed. I thought it would mark it on my breeder that she is expecting. Thank you though.  Just got a trial for Hutch, not sure if I'll buy the full deal yet... maybe in a few months, do you think it'll have significantly improved in a few months? 
  • We are constantly improving it, and yes, within a few months, it will have improved a lot.

    We can easily add an indication that a doe has been bred on her profile.

    Most people palpate at 2-3 weeks after breeding, to confirm the doe is bred, and we have been working for a system to track breedings and missed breedings better.
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    do you think it'll have significantly improved in a few months? 
    One of the best ways to see Hutch improve is to let us know what you want/need in the program. We are adding features constantly, and our users let us know what features they need/want first. So, if you need something, be sure to let us know, and we'll try and get it in ASAP!

    You can submit a Feature Request here:

    or, just email us:

  • Thank you! Will leave suggestions 
  • Thank you! Will leave suggestions 
    thank you so much for your suggestions, they are great!
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