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Changes to kits isn't reflected elsewhere

I'm not sure if this is user error or not understanding how the app should work but when I make changes to a kit's status such as butcher or make a breeder I am expecting to see that change reflected in other areas of the apps but it seems like that info only stays attached to the kits in the litter area.

For example, the butchered kits do not show up under the butchered list and the kit I made into a breeder doesn't show up under breeders.

I do not want to have to manually enter this stuff. Am I missing something?


  • For the Butchered list on Litters, that shows whole litters that have been butchered.  A litter that still has live kits is not considered butchered.

    For the Breeder, it should show that kit on the Breeder list, that is definitely a bug.  When you mark a kit as a breeder, that kit should display on your breeder list.

    Let us look into this and get back to you.
  • Try refreshing the list page and see if it displays.
  • Ok, we fixed the breeder bug, you can mark your kit as a breeder, and it should move it over there.
  • It works now. Thank you!
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