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Schedule Sync with Calendar Programs

We have added a new feature to allow you to sync your Hutch schedule with whatever calendar program you use on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Most calendar programs remind you of upcoming events through text notifications. This can greatly improve your Hutch experience by reminding you of important Rabbitry events.

To use this, find the Export button on the top right of the schedule, or "Export" on the side menu under Schedule.

Clicking on the button will give you 2 options, Sync or Download. If you want your calendar program to automatically update whenever a Hutch task is added to your schedule, click the copy button and follow the instructions for your calendar program below. You will only have to add the link to your calendar program once.

To download the ics file to your device, click the download button. This will download all tasks that exist on your current Hutch schedule.

Google Calendar

Go to the bottom left corner and click the arrow button to the right of "Other Calendars". Click "Add by Url"

Paste the url in the space and click "Add Calendar":

Now your tasks will be on your Google Calendar and update daily!

Calendar on Macs

Go to File >> New Calendar Subscription.

Paste the link in the Calendar URL, then click Subscribe:

Select the color, enter a name, and select the refresh interval (when to check for new tasks):

Click OK and your schedule will be imported to your calendar. Your calendar will automatically check for new tasks at every interval you selected.

iPhone Calendar

Tap Settings >> Mail, Contacts, Calendar

Tap Add Account

Tap Other

Tap Add Subscribed Calendar (near the bottom of the screen)

Paste the Schedule URL on the Subscription screen. Tap Next.

The Hutch Schedule now appears on the calendar list in the Calendar app

Microsoft Outlook

In Outlook, go to File >> Data File Management. Select the "Internet Calendars" tab. Click "New," and then paste the Schedule URL into the field. Hit "Add."

Configure the subscription. The name of the calendar file displays next to "Folder Name." Change it if necessary. Click "OK" when finished.

After the Internet calendar is updated, it will display under "Other Calendars" in the Calendars section of Outlook. You can use your Internet Calendar as you would internal Outlook calendars, such as displaying them side-by-side for easy copying of items from one to another.

Other Programs

Most calendar programs will allow you to subscribe to a ics file. The URL generated by Hutch is an ics file, so should sync with most calendar programs. If you have problems finding out how to input a ics URL in your calendar program, just google the name of your program and "ics" like this: "iphone calendar ics"

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