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Current Printed pedigrees will not do

I can not give out what currently prints as a pedigree with a show rabbit, it looks like a very poor spreadsheet - I'm currently better off with handwritten Ones


  • edited July 2016
    This was reported on the facebook group, we are working on it.

    There is a quick workaround:

    This works best on a desktop/laptop.

    From Hutch, right-click on the pdf generator button and copy the url.

    Open a new tab.
    Paste the url you just copied into the new tab.
    On the end of the url type the following: "?old"

    So, for example, your url will be like this: ""

    And you change it to this: ""

    Hit enter, and it will open the pdf in a raw (unscaled) version.

    We should have this fixed soon.

  • Pedigrees should be working now, if you have a problem, please let us know.
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