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Hutch Referrals

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We have now launched the referral system for Hutch.  This allows all members to earn $5 for every subscriber they refer.

If you have a subscription, the $5 is a credit towards your future subscription charges, and if you are a Forever member, the $5 is a refund up to the amount of your Forever purchase.

Under Account, you can see the referral box. 

Referral Link
This is your unique referral link.  This link can be shared on social media, your website, email, whatever you have. If someone follows this link and registers for Hutch, you will get the credit.

Your unique referral link is listed on pedigrees, so if someone follows the link from a pedigree to register for Hutch, you will get credit.

If you transfer a rabbit to a new user, and they sign up for Hutch, then you will get credit for their referral.

Give credit to your referrer
Under the referral link you can give credit to the person that referred you to Hutch. Just enter their email, and the system will give them credit.

Retroactive Referrals
At the bottom of the referral box, you can enter the email addresses to users that you have referred to Hutch. This users will receive a notice to confirm that you referred them. Once they confirm the referral, you will receive credit.

Your confirmed referrals will be listed here.

Earn a FREE version of Hutch

Because you earn a credit for every rabbit you transfer, selling rabbits/kits can earn you a free subscription. For Premium members, you only need to sell 8 kits a year to new Hutch members to get a free membership. Basic plans only need 4 referrals per year.

So, to make this easy, get the email address of the buyer for every rabbit you sell and transfer the rabbit record to them (mark as sold in your account). This will email them and give them a chance to sign up for Hutch. If they sign up, you get the credit!

If you show rabbits or have a website, be sure to include your unique url on your website, business cards, signs, and any other information so that you can get credit for new sign ups.


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    You can put a banner on your website with a referral link like this:

    <a href="YOUR_REFERRAL_LINK_HERE" target="_blank">
    <img src="">

    Just copy and paste that code into your website.

    Looks like this:

    Sign Up for Hutch
  • 6 people used me as their referral, how is the credit given? 
  • edited August 2016
    6 people used me as their referral, how is the credit given? 
    If you are on a forever plan, it will be a refund, if you are on a subscription, it will be credited towards future charges.

    You only get the credit if they buy a subscription.
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