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Program Rules

These are general rules/guidelines for the program. Please respect them, so we don't have to kick anyone out.

  1. Be respectful on the forum. No name calling, no fighting.
  2. Keep Hutch related discussion on the forum. Hutch Beta is confidential.
  3. Post in the appropriate category.
  4. Try and post regular feedback. We will be adding features on a regular basis, and need you to try them quickly.
  5. All feedback should be written in English.
  6. Include as much detail as possible. Device, operating system, and browser at bare minimum.
  7. Bug reports should include the steps to reproduce the issue, a description of what you expected to happen and what the result actually was. For presentation and display bugs, screenshots are required.
  8. Violation of rules could result in banning from the Beta program and this forum.



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