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Butcher Breeders feature

It would be nice for a Dispatch Breeder option in the dispatched litters tab.  I'm cleaning out the herd and would like to include the dispatched breeders in the reports and what nots.  Beside the SOLD...have a fork and knife option.  Some of my archived rabbits lived out their lives, some were sold, others were delicious.


  • yes, that's a great idea, we will include it in a future version
  • Honestly, I would like to see that option as a "Butcher" button directly on the breeder's profile next to "Sold" as opposed to placing that on the "litter" portion. But yeah, PLEASE put that. :) 
  • I think we also need a died button with the butcher and sold option for breeders. I had two breeders die from heat stroke this summer and I have no way to get them off my breeder list.
  • you can archive them, but we do have a sold button on breeders. Died/butcher buttons are coming soon.
  • We have added the Butcher/died Breeder buttons:

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